The Huong Linh 2 wind power project with 15 wind power pillarshavingthe designed capacity of 30MW is constructed in Huong Linh commune, Huong Hoa district, Quang Tri province, the employer of which is the Tan Hoan Cau Corporation JSC.

Recently, the Waterway-roadway Transport Service Companyand the Minh Hoang Com.Ltd. were selected as the transport contractorin charge of transporting those 15 wind power pillarsof the Huong Linh 2 Wind Power Plant.

The total freight volume is 3,274 tons, including 45 blades with its length of 49.12m per blale and 15 nacells weighing 69 tons per nacell, all goods has been transported to the site absolutely safely. The Huong Linh 2 Wind Power Plant is undercommercial operation  now.

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